A serious case of puppy fever

This past Sunday was the day. The day I had been waiting for for 10 weeks – puppy pick-up day! I’m not sure how I’m ever going to wait nine months if I’m pregnant — way, way in the future — when these 10 weeks felt like forever. I met this little puppy back in mid-September when she was only four days old and have been waiting (eagerly) to bring her home ever since.

I’ve always been a dog lover. When I was little, I wrote my parents a long letter persuading them to let me get our dog Hazel, a 10-year-old yellow lab: ‘Dear Mom, dogs are very holy animals. Dog is God spelled backwards!’ Well, this time it didn’t take too much convincing. Sometimes you just have to play the wheelchair card!

Ever since I got home from the hospital, I’ve had puppy fever. Hazel will always be my main girl, but it’s so much harder for me to cuddle with her and pet her now that I’m in a wheelchair. I wanted a little snuggle bug that would curl up on my lap and cheer me up on a bad day. I needed a lapdog.

So, meet Willow! She’s a miniature long-haired Daschund. I’ve always thought they were adorable. To be honest, I still haven’t figured out if it’s pronounced Dash-Hound or Dox-In — I’ve heard it both ways – so I’m just going to stick to weenie dog for now. I found her online at a breeder about 20 minutes away from us. We went for a visit to make sure it was a nice family and not a puppy mill or anything and for two months I received weekly updates from her pawrents’ on how she was doing. I fell a little bit more in love with Willow every time Pete and Melissa sent me a picture.

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Before pulling out of the driveway, Pete warned us that she might get a little carsick on the way home. Well, she puked on me four times. A little gross, but a little puppy puke never killed anybody. So far, she seems to love her new home! She hops out of her crate and runs around a little, sniffs Hazel (who is still thinking maybe if I just ignore her she will disappear) and whines to get in my lap. She still hasn’t figured out that outside is the potty place, but hey, it’s only day three. As for sleeping, she’s actually doing pretty well! The past two nights she has only awakened once a night and whined for about 20 minutes before falling back to sleep. My goal is to become as independent as I can with her after she’s trained. I might try to get her certified as a companion dog or even take her into hospitals to visit children. I know from experience how much that can brighten someone’s day. Everyone needs some puppy love. Welcome to the fam, Willow.


3 thoughts on “A serious case of puppy fever”

  1. Beautiful coming-home story illustrated with gorgeous photos of Willow. Such a beautiful and extremely fortunate sweet puppy!


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