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In the waiting

Today marks six weeks post-op. — high time for a mini update! Day by day, it feels like my recovery is dragging on slowly, but at the same time, I can’t believe it’s already been six weeks.  Since my arm and leg are still healing, I haven’t been able to do any PT or weight bearing of any kind on my arm. It’s felt weird not going to therapy. I miss my Magee family! It’s hard to feel like I’m losing some of the strength I had worked so hard to gain in PT. But I try to remind myself that sometimes you have to take a little step backward to move forward.

This time next week my cast will be off! Wednesday, April 24 is the day. The plan (that I know of) is for Dr. Kozin to remove the cast on my right arm and replace it with some sort of brace. I’m not sure what the restrictions will be with that yet — so stay tuned. There may or may not be any new triceps movement just yet. Like I’ve said before, nerves are lazy. They take a little while to wake up and introduce themselves to one anotherBut I’m feeling all kinds of tingles! I’m going to take that as a good sign. Dr. K is also going to drain my left leg next Wednesday. I have developed some excess fluid where they took the gracilis out. It’s nothing harmful, but better to get rid of.

Even though my recovery will be far from over — remember, I’m having part two of this surgery again in six months — I’m excited for this next step and my possibilities in the future.

On a lighter note: Since my last blog post, there has been growing concern over my Shriners pillowcase. I’ve received many an angry text message that I didn’t share which one I chose. So, to anyone that I left hanging or stressed out, my apologies! I went for the cupcakes. So cute! Going into surgery, I didn’t realize how special those pillowcases were. They’re actually handmade by patients and volunteers at Case for Smiles — a nonprofit that sews adorable pillowcases to help give kids an emotional boost during scary hospital experiences. Even big kids like me benefit from them too.

Right now, my alma mater, Unionville High School, is collecting fabric for its Family and Consumer Sciences classes to make pillowcases for Case for Smiles. If you want to brighten a kid’s day, please consider donating! They’re looking for one and 1/2 yard cuts or more of cute, kid-friendly, 100 percent cotton fabric. Here’s how to contribute: If you’re local, you can drop your donation off at Unionville’s main office, attention Mrs. Daly. You can also mail it to this address: Unionville High School 750 Unionville Rd. Kennett Square, Pa. 19348. You can find some cheery, adorable fabric at Walmart, Target, JOANN Fabrics, etc. Thank you for your help!

Here it is! So cute. They make for a nice little keepsake after a hospital stay.


5 thoughts on “In the waiting”

  1. Thanks for sharing an update on how you are doing. I’ll be looking for some fabric to mail. That is a great idea!


  2. Thanks Mary for your update. I will definitely get some material to donate! I think of how I spray my pillow with lavender and how comforting it is to put my head on it when I go to sleep at night- and I am not even having surgery! It’s such a simple act that really means so much. Stay strong! You are truly an inspiration!


  3. Hi Mary – so glad to read your progress report. You are so thoughtful to share information on the pillows – I will be looking for some cute fabric to send. xo


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