Two years

Today is the two-year anniversary of my spinal cord injury and I’m feeling all the feels — nostalgic, mopey, scared, but also thankful. I wasn’t going to write anything today because I thought it would make me depressed, but I’m trying to look on the bright side (and sometimes writing helps).

Looking back, I thought I had it all figured out. But God had a different plan for me and I know I’ll be OK. I can feel real progress being made. I have a surgery tomorrow that is going to drastically increase my independence, and I’m finally starting to feel some twitches in triceps! It feels empowering that I’m taking my recovery into my own hands. I’m two years stronger than I’ve ever been before and I’m full of hope. Thank you, as always, for your support.

Until next time,

Mary (and Willow)

Willow loves the camera.

8 thoughts on “Two years”

  1. So much love and respect Mary, hooray for your triceps, and further arm strength! Love your pup, 💕Beth


  2. That’s the fighting Salisbury spirit in action, Mary Rose. You are on the comeback trail. Seeing even little bits of progress must be exciting because that is how your body fights back.


  3. Mary, You are one amazing young woman! I truly am in awe of your strength and positivity. Sending prayers for tomorrow- you will succeed as your take the next step on this journey. Always in our thoughts and prayers, The Bucks


  4. Mary, I’m enjoying your blog and enjoyed your line, “Here’s a picture of us during one of the many unsuccessful, mother-forced photoshoots. It was pretty windy.”
    “Mother-forced,” hilarious. But I’m siding with mom on this one. It was a most successful photoshoot of three Philly sisters. In fact, it’s such a beautiful photo that I declare henceforth that the correct slogan is, “Philadelphia, the City of Sisterly Love.”
    You were too small to remember us, but Angie and I babysat you when you lived in Norwalk, CT when your parents went on vacation. We burst out laughing every time you said, “I want to go to the cow store (Stew Leonard’s) ,“and trust me, you said it a lot! I must admit it is a great store.
    I hope your surgery went well Thursday.
    I look forward to your next blog because your upbeat attitude is contagious. It was great seeing your dad in Cleveland for the All-Star Game.


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