Five Smiles #3

Before I jump in, I’d like to say thank you for all of the birthday wishes on my previous post. I’m still in denial that I’m actually 25, but I had a great birthday! I went out with some friends in Philly to celebrate on the 3rd, had a delicious gluten-free cake with my family at home on the 4th, and wrapped up the celebration visiting my Grandma and Uncle John in Massachusetts on the 5th. It’s safe to say 25 is off to a good start.

1) I had an abdominal surgery about a month ago and today was my follow-up with my doctor at Jefferson. He said that everything looked great! I’m only a month out from the surgery, but I’m incredibly happy with the results so far.

2) Do you remember when I wrote in a previous post that I thought my van would spontaneously combust one day? Well, I was right. I want to preface story this by saying that everyone is fine and after three days at the auto shop, the van is home, happy and healthy (at least for now). Anyway, my mom went into the Gap to buy a gift card and I decided to wait in the car. All of a sudden the car made a weird noise and white smoke started pouring out of the front of the car. I could feel a panic attack brewing. So, I followed my first instinct, called my mom and shouted: “Mom the car is on fire!” My mom sprinted out of the store, turned the car off and immediately got on the phone to the car mechanic. Long story short, we were stranded in the Gap shopping center for almost three hours as the car was towed and we waited for a wheelchair-accessible transport to take us home. It was a bit of an inconvenience for sure, but in the end, wasn’t so bad. We got açai bowls while we waited, had some nice conversation with the lovely people who drove us home, and the car problem ended up not being too serious. Phew.

3) Willow has been extra cute lately so here are some recent pictures of her enjoying summer. Dad brought her home this funny doormat from his work trip to Arizona. She loves trying to steal Dad’s fresh-picked veggies off the back porch. Green beans are her favorite. It’s crazy to think that she will be a year old next month. They grow up so fast!

4) My dad found a cute little brunch spot in Wilmington called the Bellefonte Cafe and we all went over the weekend. Despite the heat, it was nice to relax on the patio and be with everybody. My sisters are both going back to school next week so it’s going to get pretty quiet around my house.

5) I have another surgery tomorrow! This is the last one that is currently scheduled. I’m having a biceps-to-triceps tendon transfer on my left arm, which is my stronger arm. Basically, they just take a piece of your biceps and flip it into your triceps. After some occupational therapy, I’ll be able to push off of surfaces easier, reach overhead without my arm falling and smacking me in the face, etc. It’s a pretty routine surgery, but out of all the surgeries I’ve done so far this one is definitely giving me the most anxiety. The looming loss of independence for a couple months during recovery is nerve-wracking. However, I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve had it done and they say the new strength you gain is absolutely worth it. So, here goes nothing!

10 thoughts on “Five Smiles #3”

  1. Ah Mary you made me smile and laugh, as always. Thank you! Great column! Great writing!

    On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 2:16 PM Wheel Life with Mary wrote:

    > marysalis posted: “Before I jump in, I’d like to say thank you for all of > the birthday wishes on my previous post. I’m still in denial that I’m > actually 25, but I had a great birthday! I went out with some friends in > Philly to celebrate on the 3rd, had a delicious gluten-fr” >

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  2. Loved the combustible car story, your wit and grace. Believe in you and your surgeons trying to give you more strength + independence. Sending healing energy💕. Love Willow’s stealth vegetable snatching…no lack of entertainment! Keep writing, you are awesome🙏

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  3. Hi Mary!
    Love reading your blog as usual! Sorry to here about the van troubles. Must have been very scary and I’m sorry you and your mom had to go thru that.
    Love the rug your dad got! It’s perfect!
    Much luck for your surgery tomorrow. Erin and I will be up sometime over the weekend to visit before she goes back to Chicago. See you soon!
    Love you
    Momma Moore 😊

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  4. Mary, you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. You can do this! Your strength knows no bounds. May healing come quickly and reap the benefits hugely! Thinking of you and love you. xoxo


  5. Thanks for your update. Your van experience had to have been something. Our prayers and cares are with you on your surgery . You are a brave and courage girl.


  6. Mary, I love that you find humor in all of these experiences. Best wishes with your surgery. As the saying goes, you’ve got this!! Thinking of you and sending you strength.


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